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  • Preach & Practice...

    Track 3People may think sports medicine is a very specialized field in which only the top athletes are being treated for their injuries. We are a team formed by a few people who are active and constantly moving: marching, running, jumping, surfing, skating and jumping, etc. A good sports medicine doctor doesn't have to be a good athlete. However, patients with sports injury find it easier to communicate with a doctor who loves and understands sports and the addiction to sports. We are going to demonstrate the importance of being active & fit in our life. So go ahead pursue yours either on land or in water-JUST DO IT and leave the task of healing to us.

  • Tough Love!


    A few years ago, my son asked me why the newly planted trees around my office were tied to a couple of sticks. I told him that the young trees without support may break due to strong winds. The harness around the trees were very sturdy and often left a mark on the trees. I also said it may look painful for the trees to be "restricted". However, that's what I called "tough love".

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