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  • Kevin Joins HeCares!

    Kevin SurfingBefore I first entered this path of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was split between two worlds. One world was the world of “Western” Medicine. The other was the world of energetic medicine. I practiced yoga and Tai Chi and knew the power of Qi and Prana. At the same time I was fascinated with the progress of Science and how it manifests in the practice of “Western” medicine.

    As I learned more, I realized that these two approaches to medicine compliment the other, and the future of medicine resides in the integration the two. This focus lead me to study at Five Branches where we are required to attend a similar curriculum as pre med students, as well as becoming steeped in the beautiful and powerful medicine that has developed for thousands of years in China.

  • Integrative Sports Medicine Fellowship Spring 2014

    C spineThis unique program is designed for those acupuncturists who want to deepen their knowledge of sports medicine and refine their skills of pain management. Accepted candidates may independently practice at Integrative & Sports Medicine during training and receive reasonable compensation. This is the very first program approved by CA acupuncture board for 450 hours.


  • Integrative Sports Medicine Residency Spring 2014

    foot xrayIf you are not sure what or how you are doing in your practice, you are not alone. Neither was I 27 years ago. But you can take a shortcut by enrolling in our residency program, the VERY first one in the state for 450 hours approved by CA acupuncture board.


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