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    Sometimes it’s the things that are right in front of us that are the most difficult to see. At HeCares, we have seen more than a few patients who experience pain on one side of their neck, upper back and shoulder that radiates down to their arm, hand and thumbs. These patients have been to doctors to have MRIs and X-Rays, which come back unremarkable or inconclusive. They have taken NSAIDs like Advil, which hasn’t relieved their pain.

  • Listen to your gut...

    She cooksPatients come to see us for more issues than just pains and injuries. Food allergy is among the most common health issues that make people really frustrated as there seems no cure but controlling your desire for some certain food. This blog does not deal with the frightening food allergy such as anaphylaxis. We are talking about patients who have abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, etc.

  • What's the point for a flu shot?

    needles"Hi Dr. He, I won't be able to make to my appointment this morning as I'm having a fever from a flu shot received yesterday. I will call back to reschedule."

    "Hey Doc, I should have skipped the flu I need your help..."

    "Dr. He, I am miserable as if I had a flu after the flu shot."

    We have heard stories like these over and over again every year. I believe in the importance of vaccines of small pox, chicken pox, miseals, etc. Flu shots? Questionable. Every year the flu shots makers make big money from those who are feared of getting sick.

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