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  • Preach & Practice...

    Track 3People may think sports medicine is a very specialized field in which only the top athletes are being treated for their injuries. We are a team formed by a few people who are active and constantly moving: marching, running, jumping, surfing, skating and jumping, etc. A good sports medicine doctor doesn't have to be a good athlete. However, patients with sports injury find it easier to communicate with a doctor who loves and understands sports and the addiction to sports. We are going to demonstrate the importance of being active & fit in our life. So go ahead pursue yours either on land or in water-JUST DO IT and leave the task of healing to us.

  • "I wanna have this disease!"

    aaron needleI proudly played a family doctor for my children last week!

    Aaron suddenly had a fever on the two nights of Friday and Saturday. We had no clue where this came from as we Chinese parents are always trying to dress them seasonally or one layer more than the "American" parents do. :)

    Fortunately, Aaron always responded well to acupuncture as he did when he had two ear infections last year. He recovered quickly and we even had a great trip to SF Zoo on Sunday. However, we noticed that Aaron didn't want to have his shoes on that day. On Monday morning, we spotted a dozen of blisters on his feet and a couple on his hands. Although he had no more fever, we still decided to take him to his pediatrician as we wondered if his chicken pox vaccination failed.

  • HeCares Welcomes Alex Chung, L. Ac.

    Alex Chung, L. Ac.In the 1970s, my parents both immigrated from Taiwan through my father's invitation to the United States as an acupuncture specialist. As a second generation acupuncturist, I grew up learning about many of the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine from my father, Dr. Frank Chung. Having this background allowed me to learn about the effectiveness of acupuncture for pain relief from his treatment of casual athletes to NBA and NCAA athletes.

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